Monday, June 20, 2022

The Pure Sensation of Being

A stretch of the path along Macarthur
Boulevard, Glen Echo, Maryland.
Taken 6.2.22 at 8:50 pm

"A day will surely come when we will just stop worrying, stop being taken over and imprisoned by chores (while we know very well that we have invented most of them, imposed them on ourselves). Working: accumulating savings, perpetual anxiety not to miss any career opportunity, coveting this or that job, rushing the work, worrying about competitors. Do this, take a look at that, invite so-and-so: special constraints, cultural fashion, busy, busy, busy....

"You're doing nothing when you walk. Nothing walking. But having nothing to do but walk makes it possible to recover the pure sensation of being, to rediscover the simple joy of existing, the joy that permeates the whole of childhood. So that walking, by unburdening us, prising us from the obsession with doing, puts us in touch with that childhood eternity once again."

-- Frederic Gros, A Philosophy of Walking