Monday, April 18, 2022

Washington, DC: Union Station to Rosslyn and Back (Nice Walk #2)

I have never lived in the city, but I've been walking around DC for many years. Typically, I start up North, head South, and then East, ending at Union Station. For this walk, I decided to shake things up and start at Union Station and then ... walk back to Union Station. What's really weird is that I didn't even take the metro into DC, I drove. Obviously, this walk was shaping up to be a total shit show. To bring it over the top, I brought my buddy Suvo along. Right from the get-go, he started in about wanting coffee. Don't get me wrong, I love coffee too, but we just had to walk a little first. 

The goal for the day's walk was to hoof it for 10 miles. I'm not sure we did it. According to the pedometer app on my pocket computer, we walked less than 9 miles (you can see the stats at the end). However, by another measure (i.e., Google), we walked 11. Which one of these is right? Who knows … and who cares! It's not about the stats, it's about the walking!

So, here's the map of the walk we took. As with the last one, it was difficult to put the exact route on the map because 1) it's hard to make out some of the smaller details and 2) I kind of forget where exactly we walked ... or I didn't pay attention to the street names/signs, especially in the Virginia and Georgetown portions of the walk. I guess I should get one of those apps that records where you’ve walked, but those apps cost money and, let’s be honest about this, there’s no way I'm letting Bill Gates know where I’ve been. (You’ve heard about the tracking device in the vaccine, right? RIGHT?)

As with my first “nice walk” (i.e., “Nice Walk #1”), I've supplemented this map of the route with some smaller maps paired with photos. As you'll see, there aren't many photos for the first third of the walk. That’s on me.  I forgot to take them because I was too busy spouting off about my theory that Dale Bozzio and Lady Gaga are the same person.

I know … I just told you I forgot to take pictures of the first third of the walk. I did, however, take at least one near the beginning. Here's the north side of the Capitol.

So, yeah, about those photos.... I forgot to take any along Independence Ave. (one of my favorite streets in DC), part of the National Mall, the Lincoln Memorial, or even along the part of the Arlington Memorial Bridge over the water. This one is from the bridge too, but it's further along. That's Rosslyn off in the distance. 

A little further along now. Here's a view of Arlington National Cemetery. 

On the left is the Netherlands Carillon is a clock/bell tower, which I'm sorry to say I had never seen until this walk. According to information about it on the National Park Service website, "The 50 bells of the Netherlands Carillon hang in an open steel tower, a symbol of Dutch regard for American aid during and after World War II. The carillon's peaceful setting, with its floral libraries and sculpted lions, is the perfect place to listen to the music of the bells." The other photo is of the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument across the river.  

A little further down the road, or perhaps the sidewalk, one makes his or her way into Rosslyn, a horrible area full of high-rise office buildings and chain stores. I was here on a Sunday during (what I hope is) the tail end of the pandemic and I swear I could hear souls dying in cubicles. Thankfully, Rosslyn isn't that big, so you get through it quickly. If you're wondering what those giant concrete ball things are, they are part of the Dark Star sculpture. (You can learn more about here.) The photo on the right shows one of those awful high-rise buildings.

A little further down the road one comes to Key Bridge and then Georgetown and its main thoroughfare, M Street. As we closed in on M Street, I could see the labyrinth in Georgetown Waterfront Park. I was not aware that was there, either. (I simply need to get out more.)

We were supposed to stop for coffee in Georgetown, but there wasn't a shop on our side of the street, so we didn't. There was one on the other side of the road, but after walking several miles, walking to the other side the road seemed ridiculous. Seen in this photo is the edge of the IMF building.

This here is F Street. The 9:30 Club used to be on F Street. I went there once on New Year's Eve to see this Irish Rock band that was not U2. I don't remember what year it was, but that's okay because I'm trying to forget about it.

Here are our stats.