Monday, August 15, 2022

Hoofin' It in Mil-WALK-ee

I don't have a lot of vacation time. It's not because I'm a work-a-holic or because I work for myself and can't afford to take time off, it's because I change jobs too much and I haven't been anywhere long enough to build up a reservoir of time off. Be that as it may, the family and I recently took a trip to the Midwest to visit some colleges my daughter is interested in attending. On the list were DePaul and Loyola in Chicago, Illinois, and Marquette in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

We drove to Milwaukee from Maryland, by way of Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada. (Not exactly a direct route ... it's a long story). Anyway, we arrived in Milwaukee late on Thursday, August 4. That was by design. We had a 10:00 am appointment to tour Marquette University the next day (Friday), which was ideal, because it left the rest of day after that for walking around the city. And walk we did (see the red lines on the map above).

If there's one thing I love to do, it's wander aimless around a city with which I'm unfamiliar. This more than fit the bill. Fortunately, Marquette was right down the street from our hotel, so we didn't have to worry about parking or strolling too far from wherever we put it. We were able to leave in the hotel parking garage and forget about it for the day.

Anyway, about the walking.... After hoofing it around Marquette and its lovely campus, we headed east, toward the Public Market for some lunch. It was a decent walk and our proverbial dogs were barking by the time we arrived. Then, after a nice lunch, we headed further east toward the water and, eventually, the art museum (but we didn't go it). Then we did a 180, and headed west, back into the city toward the river. Once we hit the RiverWalk, we set about hunting for the famed Bronze Fonz statue. As luck would have it, we were close by, so it only took us a few minutes to find it. 

We had more trouble finding one of the city's purportedly best used bookstores. Visiting used bookstores in foreign cities is my second favorite thing to do in a strange town and, after scanning the web for advice, I zero-ed in on the store I wanted to check out and set aside the time to get there. According to the info I had, the Bronze Fonz was close to the bookstore, so I dragged my family members through the streets and the hot afternoon sun to with the promise of browsing in what was sure to be an air-conditioned store full of great books. It took us about 15 minutes to find that address. Unfortunately, that's all we found. The store was no longer there. To make sure I had the correct info, I re-checked the website that informed me about the store. That's when I discovered the info on the website was from 2002! D'oh. Live and learn.

From there it was back to the RiverWalk and then back to our hotel, where we decided to take it easy and relax a bit before dinner. That was largely it for walking on this Friday -- dinner was in another part of town, miles away from where we were staying, so we had to drive. But that was okay. When all was said and done, we'd walked more than seven miles and taken more than 20,000 steps. I was pleased.


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